40' depth x 20' width x 12' ceiling - 50' diagonal and 8' x 12' double doors allow easy vehicle and set piece entry.

-Access to lighting and grip.
-Upstairs private single bathroom
-12' x 20' Seamless Green.
-Studio monitor on wheels.
-13' movie screen with projector.
-House sound.
-Dimming lights.
-B/W Photocopier
-(2) Two foot plywood risers.
-Folding tables.
-End tables.
-Table lamps.
-20 Stackable chairs
-Wingback chair
-Stylish (weird) sofa corner.
-Roll-up carpeting
-Hot coffee/tea stations.
-Plastic and Styrofoam utensils.
-Rear exit to small enclosed backyard with grill and sidewalk entry.

$550 for 8 hours between 8am and 10pm.  Includes access package to light and grip.
Additional fees may apply. Hours are available outside that time frame.  Inquire within.


We hosted the early days of the ACTION group, an Actors collective that met every other Thursday.

Follow this link for a piece they made for CALCO!  "LIGHTMAN COMETH"

We have also been home to David Bunce's 10 Week Acting For the Camera, and other workshops and classes.
We have also hosted a variety of casting sessions and photo shoots.


   Groups can arrange to  meet in a comfortable setting                   Set up for a screening, the space can also be used to
   to  discuss their  screenplays and the state of writing  for             perform  short-form  plays or  dramatic  workshopping,
   movies  and  television.  We  also  house  Rich  Redlo's              temporary gallery, you name it!
   donated screenplay and resource library.



                                                                                                                              Studio Construction, February 2006

More information and pictures coming soon